Ed designed and installed my website a few years ago and I am completely satisfied with his service. He created the site I asked for, he gave me good advice about the various features; he was prompt, professional, and best of all his price was quite reasonable. Also, Ed is a great guy, he is very easy to work with, and even now, some years later, he answers my emails promptly. A higher source, indeed! Five stars is the minimum.

When I made the decision to have a website built I contacted about seven companies in the Sonoma County area for bids, Ed Rosenthal being one of these. Six of the webmasters submitted bids that gave the distinct impression that they were not responding to my clearly stated goals, objectives, and budget, but rather they were trying to make me fit their agenda and conform to their needs and their preconceived notions about the what this website might be. When I spoke to them about the details of their proposal they presented themselves as 'techo-drones' spouting jargon, throwing concepts around, &c., more to confuse than to edify. The proposal that Ed submitted was different. He listened to me and created a proposal that actually responded to my needs and he described the general approach in comprehensible language. When I saw this my decision was easy. We quickly created an outline of a proposal and went from there. Working with Ed was easy, he did what he said he was going to do, he listened to all my questions and responded with patience and clarity, he made excellent suggestions throughout; in short he delivered more than he was required to under our agreement, and best of all, I received a website that exceeded my expectations

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